K-16 Partnerships

K-16 Partnerships Network

Operating under the overall PHENND network, the K-16 Partnerships Network brings together higher ed faculty and staff who manage partnerships with public schools. The focus is two-fold: learn from each other about best practices and models for K-16 partnerships in general and as appropriate, work with the School District of Philadelphia to help improve and expand K-16 partnerships in Philadelphia.

Read the latest bi-monthly K-16 Newsletter here.

PHENND has promoted Liz Shriver, formerly our part-time GEAR UP Coordinator, to be a full-time K-16 Partnerships Coordinator to manage this effort. Liz is coordinating meetings of interested parties and publishing a monthly K-16 Partnerships Newsletter. Part of this effort also entails building a knowledge base of existing partnerships. To learn more and sign up to receive the monthly newsletter, click here. You will be asked for your basic contact information and if you manage a K-16 Partnership, you can also submit information about that activity.

This year, the K-16 Partnerships Network has various subcommittees working specific issues: college access and success, service-learning, data & evaluation, teacher education & student teaching, and nonprofit partnerships.


PHENND is working with the School District of Philadelphia's GEAR UP program to match area colleges and universities with 26 targeted middle schools. The goal of these partnerships is to link college student to serve as tutors specifically for the AVID program.

Senior Projects Initiative (2006-2010)

The School District of Philadelphia conducted a pilot program to ramp up the quality and academic rigor associated with the "Senior Project." As part of this initiative, PHENND worked to match each participating school with a university partner. These partners provided project mentors and other resources to help the schools and students succeed. Although this project has formally ended, many of the partnerships developed during this period continue today.

Service-Learning Support Organizations - SLSO (2003-2008)

PHENND convened a round table of K-12 service-learning organizations. The group disseminated best practices, shared lessons learned, and advocated for improved and expanded service-learning support at the School District of Philadelphia. Past accomplishments include: creating a common definition of service-learning, producing service-learning curriculum supplements for the new core curriculum (see the K-12 curriculum on the Resources page), and hosting the Atlantic Regional Service-Learning Conference (2004).

Ford Foundation Initiative (2000-2002)

With funding from the Ford Foundation, and in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania, PHENND worked to deepen partnerships between higher eds, their local school partners and community partner organizations. The project included substantial professional development (including academic credit) for teachers in order to implement a community problem solving approach.

For more information about any of these initiatives, please contact Liz Shriver at .