Anthropology 210 - Biomedical Science and Human Adaptability - University of Pennsylvania
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Anthropology 210: Biomedical Science and Human Adaptability

Faculty: Dr. Penny Gordon-Larsen,

This course will deal with the issues of community health, its evaluation, and the implementation of strategies for effecting change. The perspective will be that of anthropology, the social sciences, and medicine, in which community health is seen as the interaction between biological, environmental, and sociocultural factors. The course deals with issues that involve interactions between these factors and the relation between these factors and health promotion.
The focus of the course will be on enhancing dietary intake and nutritional status, using as a model the approach of Participatory Action Research (PAR). Specifically, members of the class will participate in a PAR project at the Turner Middle School, located at 59th and Baltimore Avenue. The project is designed to measure the nutritional status of children attending the school, to teach principles of nutrition to 6th graders, and to evaluate the outcome.

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